With Quardian, its expanding range of steel resistant to ballistic impact and explosions, NLMK Clabecq secures an enviable position in the niche market of armouring components.

When it comes to high added value components for life protection, steel doesn’t spring directly to mind. Yet, this product may claim an important role in the manufacturing of safe and reliable applications. In recent years, NLMK Clabecq, a Belgian steel plate producer, works its way in this sensitive material.

Relying on a know-how acquired for other products finished in their modern Quenching & Tempering unit, the Belgian steel offers Quardian with hardnesses between 300Hb and 600Hb. The rolling mill prides itself on being recognised as an expert in thin and wide plates for many decades. The same applies for Quardian plates, which are available in thicknesses starting from 3.6 mm.

A unique layout of tools in the rolling mill, high modernity within the quenching and tempering unit, as well as a permanent quality of the slabs are all factors explaining the consistent thickness tolerances, surface finish and flatness of the plates. That is also why the latter show good workability aptitudes, enabling the manufacturers to easily cut, bend, weld or machine the steel. For instance, the tightest thickness tolerances and the outstanding surface finish are guaranteed by the unique Quarto mill and four-stand continuous finishing mill combination on the same line. Quardian is delivered with a high level of flatness (up to half of Class S according to EN 10029 standards) through innovative equipment with independent driving rolls.


As a specialist of thin plates, NLMK Clabecq focuses on specific markets. So, Quardian is intended to the right steel for mine resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicles, anti-riot trucks, patrol vehicles, armoured personal carriers and armoured civilian vehicles as well as protected buildings such as shelters and guardhouses. It can also be used for shooting stands, frigates and in general, where it can protect life against gunshots or explosions. As required for these kinds of applications.


NLMK Clabecq aims to develop and maintain efficiency at all stages to provide partners and customers with high-quality products and services. The mill carries out audits on a regular basis to ensure that its management systems are adhered to. External independent offices have verified these and granted various certifications to NLMK Clabecq. Among them, the AQAP 2110 demonstrates its ability to produce Quardian under stringent conditions.